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2022 Single Cask #11: Balcones Distilling Texas Single Malt Aged in a Tequila Barrel

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505-1254-9900426 | 2022 #11: Balcones Texas SM Tequila Barrel

We hand-selected this cask from Balcones Distilling in Waco, TX. Balcones is a true pioneer. Their unique releases have proven both that Texas is a serious spirits region and that great whiskey can be made in entirely new ways. 

You’ve never tried a single malt like this one. It spent a full 5 years in a used tequila cask that previously held Balcones Rumble, a spirit distilled from honey, sugar, and figs. This style-bending whiskey, born and raised in the Texas heat, marries clean and elegant single malt with unusual flavors rarely seen in whiskey. It has butterscotch, graham crackers, and chili chocolate on the nose. The light, spicy palate has honey, lemon pepper, and even hints of lime. Perfect for summer.

Proof: Natural cask strength, 129
Quantity Produced: 126 bottles
Format: 750ml
Age: 5 years
Mashbill: 100% Golden Promise malted barley
Barrel Details: Used Tequila Barrel that previously held Balcones Rumble
Barrel Entry Proof: 124.6
Finish: N/A
Distillery Location: Waco, TX
Details: Non-chill-filtered, no color added

Out of stock