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2022 Single Cask #6: Frey Ranch Distillery Nevada Three Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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505-1254-9900421 | 2022 #6: Frey Ranch Nevada 3 Grain Bourbon

1 bottle limit.

We hand-selected this cask from Frey Ranch in northern Nevada, where Colby and Ashley Frey have transformed their fifth generation family farm into one of the most exciting distilleries in the country. Committed to doing things the right way, no matter how long it takes, Frey Ranch is one of the only true estate distilleries in the United States.

If you don’t know the area, it’s probably not obvious that there’s a lot of farming in Nevada, let alone enough to support an estate distillery. But Frey Ranch is located in a unique farming oasis in the watershed of Lake Tahoe, an island of greenery in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada. And the Frey family has been ranching or farming in the region since 1854, when Nevada was still a territory.

This 5-year-old straight bourbon whiskey is one of the very first three-grain whiskies ever to come from Frey Ranch. It was made from 67% corn, 12% two-row malted barley, and 21% winter rye, all grown at Frey Ranch. This has notes of chili chocolate, clove, spearmint, and balanced oak.

Proof: Natural cask strength, 118.2
Quantity Produced: 196 bottles 
Format: 750ml
Age: 5 years
Mashbill: 67% corn, 12% malted barley, 21% rye; all grain grown on Frey Ranch + barley malted on site
Barrel Details: 53 gallon Barrel 53 new American oak cask; char 4
Barrel Entry Proof: 125
Finish: N/A
Distillery Location: Fallon, Nevada
Details: Non-chill-filtered, no color added
1 bottle limit.

In stock