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Dad's Hat Bundle

In stock

m-505-1254-9900428 | Dads Hat Bundle

The Lost Lantern Summer Collection emphasizes comparison, showing the full range of the distilleries we work with and what we as an independent bottler add to that conversation. All seven casks in the Summer Collection are meant to be points of comparison: sometimes to each other, sometimes to previous Lost Lantern releases, sometimes to the distillery’s own releases. 

This bundle is a way to purchase both of our Dad’s Hat single casks at a small discount.

We hand-selected these casks from Mountain Laurel Spirits, better known as Dad’s Hat, which has revived Pennsylvania’s historic distilling tradition. The state’s whiskey history dates to the colonial era, but by the 1990s, Pennsylvania rye whiskey had disappeared completely. Dad’s Hat has brought it back to life, driven by a deep commitment to the state’s history, farmers, and culture.

The first of these casks is a 5-year-old straight rye, made in the traditional style of Pennsylvania rye whiskey in its glory days: fresh, minty, and grassy, and a great way to see why the style was so beloved. The second cask is a modern take on this old tradition: a 4-year-old rye whiskey finished in a vermouth cask, amplifying and enhancing the underlying sweetness of the rye whiskey. 

In stock