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Far-Flung Bundle II

Far-Flung Bundle II

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If you’re a whiskey lover, you’ve probably had a good number of whiskey blends over the years. Many of these are truly excellent. Yet most also play with a limited palette of flavors. The vast majority of whiskey blends come from the same few places: large distilleries in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. There are hundreds of blends coming from these same few places.

Well, not these.

Our Far-Flung whiskies embrace the tradition of blending bourbons and ryes, of bringing together very different whiskies in a way that accentuates their best features. They are blends of whiskies from all across the country, from places that are much more far-flung than the traditional whiskey triangle. By playing with a far wider array of distilleries, climates, and whiskies, we can create flavors that you’d never see in other blends.

Our first edition of Far-Flung Bourbon is very far-flung indeed, coming from distilleries in Ohio, Colorado, Texas, and Nevada. Fitting to its strong western influence, it is bold, powerful, and very high proof.

Far-Flung Rye comes entirely from the Midwest, and yes, that still counts as far-flung: see how long it takes to get from Iowa to Ohio and you’ll understand! It showcases the breadth of Midwestern rye and is balanced, fresh, and spicy.

The second edition of Far-Flung Bourbon, cleverly named Far-Flung Bourbon II, is a blend of bourbons from the Eastern half of the country, from the cold upper Midwest to coastal New York to the hot and humid Deep South.

Try them all and see for yourself how diverse and wide-ranging bourbon and rye can be… and that blends can be more than just what you’re used to.

Far-Flung Bourbon
A blend of bourbons from Frey Ranch in Nevada, Watershed in Ohio, Boulder in Colorado, and Still Austin in Texas. Big, bold, and powerful. 94 points, Whisky Advocate.

Far-Flung Bourbon II
A blend of bourbons from up and down the Eastern half of the United States, from the cold climate of Wisconsin to the heat and humidity of Mississippi. Specifically, it’s a blend of Wollersheim (Wisconsin), Starlight (Indiana), Smooth Ambler (West Virginia), Kings County (New York), and Rich Grain Distilling (Mississippi).

Far-Flung Rye
A blend of ryes from across the Midwest, specifically coming from Cedar Ridge in Iowa, Wollersheim in Wisconsin, Starlight in Indiana, and Tom’s Foolery and Middle West in Ohio. Our first-ever blend of straight ryes.

All our natural cask strength and non-chill-filtered, and all component distilleries are listed on the front and back labels.

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