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Lost Lantern

Single Distillery Series Bourbons

Single Distillery Series Bourbons

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Try both our Single Distillery Series bourbons with this bundle!

Great bourbon comes from all across the United States. And bourbons from very different parts of the country can taste very different from each other, even while they reflect what makes bourbon such a beloved spirit.

That’s certainly true with the two whiskies in this bundle, the first two straight bourbons in our Single Distillery Series. They come from two very different distilleries on nearly opposite sides of the country, yet both offer incredible depth of flavor.

One, Soaring Spice, comes from Frey Ranch: an estate distillery that grows all its grain for all its whiskies, situated in a striking landscape in one of the few arable parts of Nevada. The area population density: 5 people per square mile.

The other, Brooklyn Bakery, comes from Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn, the most populous borough of the biggest city in the United States. Population density: 36,732 people per square mile (the second most densely populated county in the country, after Manhattan).

Two places could not be more different. Yet both distilleries are driven by true passion to create great bourbon that reflects where it is made. Each is a reflection of the greatness of what bourbon can be.

Lost Lantern Soaring Spice Frey Ranch Nevada Straight Bourbon
The first bourbon in our Single Distillery Series, this is a four-cask blend designed to showcase big baking spice flavors. From one of the country’s only estate distilleries. 97 points, Wine Enthusiast.

Lost Lantern Brooklyn Bakery Kings County New York Straight Bourbon
Our first release from the acclaimed Kings County, this is an eight-cask blend of 5 and 6 year old bourbons that has great depth and intensity of flavor.

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