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Smooth Ambler Bundle

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m-505-1254-9900431 | Smooth Ambler Bundle

We created this bundle in the spirit of the Lost Lantern Summer Collection, which emphasizes comparison and shows the full range of the distilleries we work with and what we as an independent bottler add to that conversation. Although both of these whiskies came out before the Summer Collection, we figured we’d extend the exploration to allow for direct comparisons of some of our previous releases!

This bundle is the only remaining way to purchase both of our Smooth Ambler single casks.

Smooth Ambler has long been on the vanguard of sourcing and blending whiskey with transparency and integrity. They’ve also been distilling and aging their own whiskey as they forge a new whiskey tradition in the West Virginia mountains.

We have always admired Smooth Ambler. In fact, we don’t think Lost Lantern would exist if Smooth Ambler hadn’t already built such a strong tradition of sourcing and blending. We follow in their footsteps. Yet Smooth Ambler has also been making their own whiskey for many years, and we are excited to be able to showcase these single casks of their wheated bourbon at cask strength.

These casks are almost the purest comparison you can get: both barrels have the same mashbill, the same age, the same type of barrel, and were aged quite close to each other in the Smooth Ambler warehouse. Yet they taste entirely different from each other. One is spicy and oaky, one rich and fruity. Why are they so different? Who knows! But that’s the joy of single casks.

Out of stock