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Spirit Works Distillery Bundle

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m-505-1254-9900432 | Spirit Works Distillery Bundle

We created this bundle in the spirit of the Lost Lantern Summer Collection, which emphasizes comparison and shows the full range of the distilleries we work with and what we as an independent bottler add to that conversation. Although both of these whiskies came out before the Summer Collection, we figured we’d extend the exploration to allow for direct comparisons of some of our previous releases!

This bundle is a way to purchase both of our Spirits Works single casks at a small discount.

We hand-selected these casks from Spirit Works Distillery in Sebastopol, California, right in the heart of Sonoma wine country. We love Spirit Works for a whole host of reasons. The distillery has been built from the ground up with sustainable practices in mind, and both of its founders got their start in environmental nonprofits. It’s also a family-run distillery, and has one of the very few female-led distilling teams in the United States. But most importantly of all, it makes wonderful whiskies (and gins, too!).

The first of these casks is a five-year-old straight California rye whiskey, exemplifying Spirit Works’ core style. The second is truly unique, a rye whiskey finished in a cask that previously aged first the distillery’s gin, and then their sloe gin. This gives the whiskey unique flavors of juniper, strawberry, and raspberry in addition to oak and rye spice. Like a cask-strength Boulevardier! 

In stock